Property Refurbishment

L & G Property Maintenance in Merseyside is at your service for anyone in need of property refurbishment services.


Any & All types of property refurbishment

At L & G Property Maintenance, we are equipped to handle all kinds of property refurbishment needs, regardless of their size or complexity. In addition to our refurbishment expertise, we also have experienced plumbers and electricians on our team, ensuring a comprehensive service offering for any project you may have.

Property Types
Home Improvements
Increased Value


Commercial & Domestic Properties

Whether your project is commercial or domestic, our team is adept at executing expert, high-quality refurbishments tailored to your property. We possess the versatility to work on both listed and modern properties, fully cognisant of the unique challenges and restrictions that come with listed buildings. This includes limitations on the types of refurbishments permitted and the materials that can be utilized.

Our approach involves a detailed consultation with you to understand your exact requirements, ensuring that the final outcome aligns perfectly with your expectations and that you are thoroughly satisfied with the work we deliver.


Improving Your Existing Home

Renovating or refurbishing your home presents a simpler, less stressful, and more cost-effective option than moving house. The process of buying and selling properties is fraught with uncertainty, as a property chain can collapse at any stage.

For those in need of additional space—a common requirement among homeowners—options such as converting a garage, transforming a loft, or constructing an extension (subject to regulatory approval) can significantly enhance the footprint of your home. These alterations not only provide extra living space but also have the potential to increase the value and appeal of your property.


Increase the value of your home

Undertaking renovations or refurbishments can significantly enhance the value of your home or property. With the growing trend of remote work, creating a dedicated workspace or home office—whether inside your home or in your garden—has become increasingly desirable.

This adjustment not only caters to the modern work-from-home lifestyle but also reduces your commuting time to zero, eliminating daily travel hassles and fuel expenses. Such improvements not only make your living space more functional and enjoyable but also contribute to its market appeal and financial worth.